What Exercises Can You Do With a Weighted Vest?

A weighted vest

One of the best pieces of equipment that you could add into your workout program if you want to move away from the normal dumbbells and barbells selection is a weighted vest. Let’s take a closer look at what this is all about.

What is a Weighted Vest?

A weighted vest is going to be great for adding additional resistance in many of your exercises while allowing your arms and hands to stay free. For those who are new to strength training, they can also provide a slight amount of added resistance while still allowing you to really focus on the movement pattern.

The nice thing about the weighted vest is that you can add more or less weight to it, changing how much of a stress load you’re placing on the body in an instant.

Let’s now look at five great exercises that you should consider doing with a weighted vest. » Read more

What Are The Benefits of Using a Treadmill?

Running on a treadmill

A treadmill is exercise equipment that has a conveyor belt for you to walk, jog or run on, in the convenience of your own home. The machine is popularly used to burn calories at any time of the day without having to step outdoors.

There are 2 kinds of treadmills, namely manual and automatic. The manual treadmill is extremely light and is not as expensive as compared to the automatic treadmill. It is very portable and can be folded back and slid under your bed or into your closet.

The moving runway is wrapped around rollers that are placed inside a raised deck. Walking on it provides the friction needed to move the running belt. As you walk, the belt will move beneath your feet while you remain in place. Rails on either side of the treadmill offer support to the user while the one in front supports the side rails and the conveyor belt. » Read more

Why Use a Weight Lifting Belt?

Man performing the squat exercise

There are few professional weightlifters, if any, that don’t use a weight lifting belt when they are training and competing.  With these kinds of athletes, it may seem that their usage of the belts is all the assurance that you need for their necessity.  However, there is more to a weight lifting belt than just buying it and putting it on when you workout.

What does the weight lifting belt do?

A weight lifting belt is used as a protective measure for the body as you lift extremely heavy weights. It is designed to protect your back from hyper extending by pushing in your core muscles and allowing them to work for efficiently throughout a movement.

The belt itself will sit on the lower back and the upper part will sometimes rest on the upper thighs during squat like movements. When the weight lifting belt is sitting on the thighs, the lifter is reminded to keep their back straighter in order to avoid this. » Read more

Different Types of Weight Lifting Equipment

Large dumbbells

While making plans to lift weights is always a good idea, you need to know what you’re getting into before you begin. But before you can start to consider your routine or the amount of weight that you should be lifting, you need to know a little more about weight lifting equipment and what each particular kinds of equipment can do for you.

The purpose of weight lifting equipment

The object of weight lifting equipment is to give you a form of resistance as you perform a number of exercises. When your muscles are stressed, you will be able to tear the muscles slightly and then allow your body to build them back up into stronger, bigger versions of themselves. Muscle building routines are not just for strength, but also for creating a lean physique and stronger overall bone mass. » Read more

The Upright, Dual Action and Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Recumbent Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes resemble pedaling bicycles because they have a seat, pedals and handlebars. However, these fitness devices are actually convenient machines, used for working out in the safety of a gym or at home, in a more private, air conditioned environment, protected from dangerous UV rays and atmospheric pollutants.

Unlike bicycles, exercise bikes are usually immobile and are only be used for stationary exercises. The various types of exercise bikes include Upright, Recumbent, Semi Recumbent and Dual Action Bikes. » Read more

Different Types of Sports Equipment

Skipping rope

When you’re looking to get in shape or just have some fun, joining a sports team can be a great way to get moving.

However, when you start any sport, you need to know what you will need to perform the sport correctly as well as how to prevent injuries. This is where the search for sports equipment begins and where you need to start learning more, even before you head onto the court or field.

Protective sports equipment

One of the main concerns when it comes to sports equipment is safety – and with good reason. More people injure themselves in recreational sports than they do in other activities. A lot of this is due to overexertion or a lack of coordination, but some of it is due to not have the right protective equipment in place. Though protective gear isn’t used to play the sport, it’s used to continue to play the sport that you choose. » Read more

Benefits of the Stepper Machine

Steppers are machines, which provide users with intense aerobic workouts without the need to step out of the house. Leaping on steps and jogging on them has been an age-old practice to get thighs and hips in shape. This simple exercise procedure was the driving force behind the invention of the steppers.

These machines stimulate stair climbing. The only difference between a stepper and normal staircase is that the former has alternating pedals or platforms instead of stairs.

The pedals on the steppers move in an elliptical (oval-shaped) motion, which is similar to the movement of our feet when we walk or run. This facilitates pushing the foot pedals independently and gives the feel of climbing a rotating staircase.

Elliptical steppers are more popular than ordinary ones because of their ski-type motion and the incline they provide, which makes it possible to carry out a greater variety of aerobic workouts while restraining the impact on joints. » Read more

What To Consider Before Buying a Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is a device that simulates the movement and action of a rowboat or rowing shell. Technically, it is known as an ergometer, a term usually abridged and referred to as erg or ergo. A rowing machine has handles that function as oars as well as a movable seat sliding to and fro.

At the head of a rowing machine, there is a device termed as the flywheel. This is basically a store of kinetic energy and each time the seat moves to the front, the flywheel’s rotational energy pushes the seat and the rower, back to the starting position.

Thus, the entire apparatus works like a modified elastic band, with the stretching occurring when the rower moves forward and the reassuming of shapes occurring when the rower eases up to allow the flywheel to take over. The operation of a rowing machine might sound complicated but in reality, it is fairly simple to use.

There are many small and large manufacturers that make rowing machines. » Read more

What Are The Health Benefits of Skipping?

Skipping rope

Skipping or skipping rope is something that doesn’t need to be limited to younger exercisers. In fact, many adults can find that skipping adds a little variation to their boring old exercise routines and can help add some fun to their workout regime. However, there are plenty of things that you will want to learn about skipping before you try it.

Choosing the correct size skipping rope

While it seems easy enough, there is more to skipping than meets the eye. If you’ve ever picked up a jump rope after a long period of time, you already understand this notion. Skipping requires a lot of coordination as well as patience in learning how to time your body to move along with the jump rope. » Read more

Why Are Sports Bras Important?

Women are working out more than ever it seems these days. No longer are they just walking around the neighborhood or doing exercise videos in their basements; women are out running marathons and training for long distance biking competitions.

In short, women are becoming highly trained and skilled sports competitors – even if they never compete. With these new challenges, they need all the support they can get – from the sports bra.

What is a sports bra?

A sports bra is a piece of exercise equipment in many respects. Created out of cotton or synthetic materials, these bras cover more of the chest than a typical bra and also include more supportive elastics to help hold in the tissue and prevent painful movement. » Read more

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