Variations of The Bent Over Row

Man performing a bent over row

As you get set with your workout program, it’s vital that bent over rows are included in the plan along with a couple of the top variations that you can perform with this exercise.

Bent over rows are a perfect way to strengthen the back as well as the biceps, so are a must have in any well-rounded upper body routine.

That said, in order to continually see great success, it is essential that you’re varying the exercise selection around as you go about your sessions, which is exactly where the bent over row variations come into play.

Let’s have a look at what you should consider.

Different Variations of The Bent Over Row

When looking at variations of bent over rows, the main thing you want to think about is hand position. Simply by changing the hand position on the barbell you’re using, you can work the muscles in an entirely different way.

For example, rather than using an overhand grip with this movement, consider reversing the hand position so that you’re using an underhand grip instead.

Doing so is going to cause you to work the bicep muscles to a much larger extent, giving them more of a challenge.

Or, if you’d prefer to target the very middle of the back with your bent over rows, consider placing the hands closer together on the barbell instead. This again will change the stress loading pattern and cause you to tax those inner back muscles to a higher degree.

Finally, the last of the bent over rows variation that you can do are single arm rows where you’ll row just one dumbbell with one hand while the other hand stays pressed into a bench for support.

This is going to help to ensure that you aren’t developing any muscular strength imbalances as you go about your workout routine as one arm can’t compensate for the other.

Similar Exercises Like Bent Over Rows

If you’d prefer to just shift away from bent over rows entirely and do an entirely different type of exercise, you can do that as well.

Some exercises that will offer similar benefits to the bent over rows would include:

  1. Horizontal rows using either an overhand or underhand grip as well
  2. Lateral pull-downs, which will hit the lat muscles like the bent over row would
  3. Pull-ups, which target the lat and bicep muscles similarly

While those two exercises do have a different type of action pattern compared to bent over rows, they will still work the same muscle groups that you’re trying to target for the most part, so they can work well as suitable replacements.

So as you go about your upper body workout program, first make sure that you do have bent over rows in the picture. Then once they are there, make sure that you also take the time to consider some of the suitable variations or substitutions that you can perform to continually shock the muscles and make sure you keep seeing the progress that you’re looking for.

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