Tips For Performing Bent Over Barbell Rows

Man performing a barbell row

One of the top strength building exercises that you could add into your upper body workout program is the barbell row.

The barbell row is considered to be a compound multi-joint muscle and is great for developing more overall power and strength while also burning up calories quickly while you’re doing the workout while also causing your metabolic rate to increase in the hours after you’ve performed it.

Most people doing a barbell row will aim to lift as heavy of a weight as they can, shooting for the five to eight rep range. This is so that they can reap the full strengthening benefits that it has to offer.

Let’s walk you through a few of the quick tips that you should keep in mind in order to ensure you’re making the most out of your barbell row.

Below are just a few of the main things that you can do so that you derive top benefits from the barbell row exercise. Keep in mind that each and every person is unique in how they choose to structure their workout, so consider your goals, priorities, and preferences when designing your own.

1) Add Them Towards The Start of Your Workout

The very first quick tip for your barbell row is to make sure that you are placing it somewhere near the start of your workout session.

As this is a primary strength builder and is really going to take a high amount of energy out of you, you want to avoid doing it later on in the workout when you’re already in a high state of fatigue.

Instead, place it first up, or immediately after any bench pressing work you’re going to be doing to ensure that you are able to give it your all.

Lifting a heavy amount of weight does need to be a priority and if you’re doing the exercise late in the workout, that may not happen.

2) Squeeze And Hold At The Top of The Movement

Moving along, the second important thing that you should be focused on doing when going about the barbell row is squeezing and holding the bar at the top of the movement. This is going to really ensure that you are using only muscle recruitment and power to execute the lift rather than using momentum to help carry you through the exercise.

If you can’t pause and hold that weight at the very top of the exercise, chances are the weight is simply too high for you and you should reduce it downwards.

That brief pause in there will really up the overall intensity of the barbell row, so aim for a two-count before lowering.

3) Include Barbell Row Variations

Finally, the last quick tip to remember when doing your barbell row is to make sure that you include plenty of variations as well.

Adding bent over row variations are going to make sure that your body continually keeps responding over time so that you never get bored and hit a progress plateau.

Bent over row variations will also help to reduce the risk of overuse injuries as well, so that’s another important thing to consider.

So there you have some quick tips to improve your barbell row. Use these and you’ll see a higher level of overall progress taking place.

Barbell Row Training Video

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