Free Weights Vs Machines – Which is Best For Muscle Gains?


If you’re new to weight training, you might feel inundated with the options of training that you have. There are many complicated weight machines as well as free weights to consider.

And while both have their merits, only you can decide what the best option is for you and your training goals.  To give you some idea of what you can expect from both, here is a quick roundup of what both free weights and machines can offer you.

Weight Lifting Machines

Weight machines are a great place to start for many beginnings because of their controlled movements. If you don’t already know how to lift weights, these machines will help you learn the proper form and help you to slowly increase the weight that you are lifting.  However, weight machine options are limited because there are only so many exercises that can be done on them.

While there are weight machines that offer a wide range of exercises, free weights can offer a more versatile exercise tool. On the other hand, when you want to purchase a weight lifting apparatus that doesn’t take up a lot of space, these multi-use machines can be quite effective in the home setting.

Another issue with some weight machines is the lack of ability to adjust for different sized exercisers. While free weights can be lifted by anyone of any size, some weight machines need to either be adjusted or the person will not be able to complete the exercise effectively.

There is also a concern that some weight machines do not offer the full range of motion that free weights do, as the exerciser is limited by the structure of the machine itself.

The Advantages of Free Weights

While both weight machines and free weights can be adjusted as you move up in strength, there are some advantages to the smaller free weights. When you’re a beginner to lifting weights, you will be able to find free weights that are only a pound, allowing you to slowly move up as you gain strength.

This also allows you to have multiple sets of weights, corresponding to different body parts that may be stronger than others. However, this can be costly to keep replacing the weights.

Free weights are also advantageous to a wide set of exercises. In fact, it could be said that you could use free weights for any movement so long as you’re not straining yourself. This means that you could carry free weights (light weights) when you are walking or when you’re doing crunches.

They are certainly versatile in their use, though they cannot be used to weight the lower body easily.

Summary of Free Weights Vs Machines

Whether you choose free weights or a weight machine, you need to realize how important weight training is for your body as well as your health.

When you lift weights, you can decrease your risk of diabetes as well as everyday injuries. Weight lifting also helps bones to remain strong in women who tend to decrease their bone mass each year.

Free Weights Vs. Machines For Building Muscle

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