A Basic Beginners Bodybuilding Workout


A basic bodybuilding workout program aims to increase muscle mass and weight without gaining extra body fat. Adding muscle mass is a long term process and can be achieved over a period of anywhere from three to nine months depending on the time spent in the gym, the type of exercise routines followed, the ability to stick with a proper nutrition plan and the total gain desired.

For a basic bodybuilding workout program to succeed, patience, motivation and determination will all be required.

Muscle Growth Will Take Time

A basic bodybuilding workout will mainly involve weight training, starting with smaller weights and then gradually working up to bigger weights as physical condition improves. However note that muscle mass does not actually develop during the period of exercise, but rather it grows while the body is at rest following the workouts. This makes it necessary to schedule alternate periods of exercise and relaxation.

A Basic Bodybuilding Workout

A bodybuilding workout program can be used by all types of people, irrespective of their starting physical conditions. People who seek to develop an even lean body mass should start with smaller weights and continue with the same sizes of weights.

This weight training is then combined with standard exercises such as squats and calf raises for the legs, bench press for the chest, pull ups for the backside, bench dips and bicep curls for the arms, military press for the shoulders, and crunches for the abdominal muscles.

For each of these exercises, large weights should be used in repetitions of 1 to 6, medium weights in repetitions of 7 to 12, and lightweights in repetitions of 13+ depending on strength and capability.

High Intensity Vs Periodization

Most bodybuilding workout regimes are based on one of two broad philosophies. The first is known as High Intensity Training (HIIT) and focuses on intense workouts in a short period. Basically, 8 to 12 repetitions are prescribed for every weight type. As bodybuilders develop their strength they can choose to either perform a greater number of repetitions with the same weights or use the same number of repetitions with heavier weights.

This type of regimen is suitable for people who want to build body mass in a short period, however this type of regimen can cause muscle damage if proper methods are not used.

Another major approach to bodybuilding workout regimes is known as Periodization. This exercise program begins with lighter weights and continues at the same level for two or three weeks, followed by medium weights for two to three weeks, and finishing the program with heavy weight training.

The benefit of this regimen is that it allows the body to slowly gain strength and so is less likely to cause muscle damage or any other form of physical injury. However it takes a longer period of time than HIIT. Whatever the regimen chosen, a true bodybuilder must be ready to push the envelope every day, as body mass develops only after the body realizes that it needs it.

Workout Video For Beginners

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