5 Variations of The Squat Exercise

Man performing the squat exercise

As you get started with your workout program, one of the types of exercises that you must be making sure to perform are squats.

Squats are fantastic for building the following muscles:

  1. Quads
  2. Hamstrings
  3. Glutes
  4. Also your core muscles as they contract hard to keep you balanced

In order to prevent a progress plateau, one of the key things that you should be remembering is to include plenty of variations of squats as well.

This will keep your body guessing as to what’s coming next so that you always continue to respond and notice significant improvements in your strength and fitness level.

Let’s walk you through five variations of squats that you can be doing.

5 Variations of The Squat

Below are five terrific different types of squats that will all challenge the muscles slightly differently. While most of them do target the same group of muscles, the fact that you’re hitting them from a different angle is what helps you see noticeable results.

1) Sumo Squats

Sumo squats are ideal for anyone who wants to hit the inner thigh muscles as the stance will call these muscles into play to a larger extent. To perform these, you simply want to adopt a standing position where the feet are slightly more spread apart with the toes turned outwards slightly.

Once there, squat down as far as you can go and then press up again to complete the rep.

2) Front Squats

Front squats are another variation that you can perform and will place more emphasis on the quad muscles. To do these, you’ll simply perform the standard barbell squat only this time rather than placing the barbell on the back of the body, you place it along the front.

This one can take some getting used to, so be patient with yourself as you learn the movement.

3) Back Squats

Back squats are the next exercise to add into your workout program. These are the ‘traditionally’ performed squats where you place the barbell along the back of the body and lower yourself down.

This is a fantastic hamstring and glute strengthener.

4) Single Leg Squats

To really give yourself a challenge, consider single leg squats. For this one you won’t use any weight but rather get into an upright standing position, pick up one leg and lift it directly off the floor and then proceed to squat as low as you can go on that single leg.

Make sure that you keep the elevated leg in front of the body at all times. Once you’re as far down as you can go, press up using just that single leg.

Repeat all reps and then change sides.

5) Split Squats

Finally, split squats are the last variation to consider. For this one you’ll place one leg up behind you on a bench and hold a set of dumbbells down at your sides.

From there you’ll lower yourself down bending both knees until you’re as far as you can go.

Press up to the top and complete all reps before switching sides.

So there you have a quick peak at 5 variations of squats that you should definitely be including in your workout routine. Get these in place and you’ll see noticeable changes in your lower body within a few week’s time.

Proper Squat Technique and Variations

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