Women Who Gain Bulk and Muscle Easily

Young lady holding light weights

Biologically speaking, there is no difference between female and male muscle mass. They both contain the same muscle cells and they both respond in the same way to stimulation.

While there have been many discussions as to whether one gender is stronger than enough, on the basic levels of physiology, there really doesn’t seem to be a difference between male and female muscle.

While female muscle is really no different than male muscles, women do seem to develop their muscles quite differently than males. This is due to the presence of higher estrogen levels in most women. This hormone does not allow for muscles to become large and bulky like a man’s muscles would. Men, on the other hand, have higher levels of testosterone which allows them to build muscle mass more easily and in large amounts.

Female Bodybuilders

While many women do not want to increase the size of the female muscle structure, there are those that have bodybuilding aspirations. And for these women, the secret is simple: strength train and strength train often. With repeated stress and training, the female muscle can become bigger, though not generally as big as a man’s natural muscle aptitude.

Some women will take testosterone injections in order to increase their muscle mass, but this is prohibited in competitions. Women that choose to work out more often with heavier weights will begin to see larger muscles over time, though it will still take a longer time for these to develop.

I Don’t Want To Gain Muscles

This is a common fear among women. The female muscle will not grow large and bulky under normal exercise conditions. Generally speaking, women should be doing some form of strength training as it helps to stabilize bone mass and strength as their levels of estrogen diminish over their lifespan.

Women can also increase their metabolism by having more lean muscle mass on their bodies. Simply working out with lighter weights and more repetitions will help to create feminine looking muscles without the bulky appearance.

Some Women Gain More Muscle Than Others

Just like any other condition, there are some women whose female muscle is prone to becoming bigger than another woman’s. And if the woman does not like this feature, she can simply lighten the weight that she is using during a strength training routine as well as keep her strength training sessions to a minimum.

Some women profess that Pilates is able to create strong lean muscles without bulking them up, so a woman could try this approach as well.

Because men are able to build more calorie-burning muscle, they can have an easier time losing weight and getting in shape. And this can be very frustrating for a woman. But remember that muscle takes up less space than fat, and female muscle can also add to a woman’s physique and metabolism, creating sleek lines and a trimmer figure altogether.

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