What Is Male Bodybuilding?

Male bodybuilder

Male bodybuilding has moved over the years from being a fringe activity to being an established art. Unlike the sport of weightlifting, male bodybuilding is more of an art with the contestants judged not on an objective measure of strength but rather on the aesthetic appeal of their sculpted bodies.

Unlike other sculptors the male bodybuilder works not with a chisel but through a series of exercises and diet to create a body with large yet well toned muscles.

Eugen Sandow

The concept of bodybuilding as an art involving the display of muscles began in the late 19th century and was promoted by a man from Prussia named Eugen Sandow who is considered to be the father of modern bodybuilding. He is said to have popularized the sport by organizing a number of stage shows and body building competitions.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Later Arnold Schwarzenegger would win the Mr. Universe title and launch his movie career on the back of his male bodybuilding experience and would eventually become governor of the state of California.

Bodybuilding does not necessarily mean always working hard and sweating it out at the gymnasium. Fun filled activities and sports such as kayaking, diving, swimming, tennis, softball and skating also help in toning up the muscles. Male bodybuilding does however require a strict diet and sufficient rest in addition to weight training and regular exercise in order to tone up the body.

Most male bodybuilders do it either as a pastime or as a serious hobby. The desire to look good and optimize one’s strength is their main motive. Those interested in serious bodybuilding need to set strict training sessions and follow rigid regiments of diet and supplements.

The level of weight training to be follow and the amount of time to be spent training is a personal decision for the male bodybuilder, depending on their own goals. Before adopting any specific male bodybuilding exercise routine, it is advisable to consult a physician and confirm fitness for that particular exercise regimen.

Consulting a physician and a muscle fitness instructor are considered to be the best precautions that can be taken to insure against any health related problems that may occur later on. Once the plan gains medical approval, the next step is to choose the location for training.

Men who are just starting on male bodybuilding are advised to work out at a professional gymnasium under the watchful eyes of a trainer or instructor. More seasoned professionals can perform at least some of their training by themselves in a mini gymnasium or exercise parlor at their residence or workplace.

The next important step is to set up a specific exercise routine and make a determined effort to stick to it. Setting clear goals is always beneficial, however each bodybuilder must set their own goals rather than simply rely on a package prepared for others.

Some people may aim or concentrate at increasing their biceps while others may concentrate and spend more time developing their chest or triceps. Therefore a schedule must be drawn up and time allotted for specific exercise routines for each part of your body, according to the amount of development desired.

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