What Are The Basics of Building Muscle?

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Everyone has muscles; their function in the body is to turn energy into motion. Muscles are bundles of fibers that work together to help support the body’s skeleton.

There are really three sets of muscles in the body, but for the purpose of this article we will be looking at the skeletal muscle. This is the muscle that most persons are interested in developing when they go to the gym.  Muscle building is dependent on three main factors, heredity, diet and of course, muscle building exercises.

The information below will help you identify the types of exercises you need for muscle building in various body parts. Bear in mind that building some areas will be easier than others.

The Basics of Building Muscle

1) The Best Exercises For Building Muscle

You must use the best compound exercises

You must use the best compound exercises

The principles of building muscles are progression, specificity and overload, and these are essential to smart weight lifting. You must also be consistent in your training if you are serious about muscle building.

Follow a three-phase approach to achieve your muscle building goals. The first step should be focused on growing muscles fast. This is done by progression that is, increasing the workload of the muscles by increasing the amount of weight and repetitions of exercises for that particular muscle. This should be done slowly over time so that you do not injure yourself.

Working your muscles hard is also important for muscle building. This does not mean over working; if muscles are worked too hard they will not grow as desired. To build muscles a middle ground must be reached, which is acquired by getting the help of a professional trainer who can help you identify what techniques will work best for you.

2) The Correct Diet Plan For Building Muscle

A high protein diet helps the muscle repair from your workouts

A high protein diet helps the muscle repair from your workouts

Apart from the right exercise for muscle building, you also need to incorporate the right diet to get the best results, as gaining muscle mass or bulk is dependent on your eating habits. There is still some debate among body builders as to the need to increase the intake of protein in muscle building.

One school of thought is that it is not necessary, while the other believes that serious muscle building demands an increase of protein in the diet. However, it is recommended that you eat often, with guidelines established by a qualified trainer.

The most important bit of information is that it is important to eat proteins and carbohydrates about half-hour before you begin your routine. The carbohydrates provide energy and the protein helps in building the muscles.

Also, once you are finished exercising you will also need carbohydrates and protein; ideally you should consume this within the first forty-five minutes to an hour after working out. This is to help your muscles recover after a rigorous workout.

The Basics of Building Muscle Summary

So ultimately, the muscle mass you acquire will be dependent on the factors listed above. Your age and lifestyle will also play a significant role in how fast you build the muscles you are working towards. Muscle building is a science, and as such will take dedication and hard work to achieve the desired result.

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