The Physical and Mental Health Benefits Gained From Lifting Weights

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The benefits of weight lifting were recognized even as early as Hippocrates. He emphasized the importance of weight training in order to develop muscles.

Although weight lifting is usually associated with bodybuilding or muscle development techniques, if performed in the proper way on a regular basis, it can contribute to health and well being in many ways.

Millions of people today strive to figure out the proper diet and exercises that will help them to achieve and maintain a great body and sound health. However many are unaware of the benefits that weight lifting can offer them.

There Are Multiple Health Benefits Gained From Weight Lifting

One of the benefits of weight lifting is the flexibility to choose types and masses of weights and adjust these according to each individual’s current physical condition. Weight lifting is one of the few forms of exercise where the lifter can determine exactly how much exercise is needed because of the high precision level a weight lifting program can offer.

A proper weight lifting program is targeted to precisely tone each muscle group, increasing metabolism, expedite fat loss and improve cardiovascular function.

Improved appearance is another benefit of a weight lifting program. Both men and women are increasingly taking up weight lifting as a major way to bring a difference in their appearance as well as their health. The benefits of weight lifting for men are reflected through a strong and muscular body whereas in women, the effects are evident in the form of a firm and toned figure.

The Mental Health Benefits From Weight Lifting

There are also mental health benefits of weight lifting programs.  A regular weight lifting program helps to overcome depression and reduce mood fluctuations significantly. The intense exercises involved in weight lifting increases the dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin levels, effecting mood improvements.

However, some people may become dependent on this emotional boost, in the same way as a jogger’s high, and may turn to an intensive workout whenever they are feeling low.

Weight Lifting Can Help Increase Energy Levels

When weight lifting is practiced in a proper manner it can increase energy levels. A person will get used to the routine after the first few weeks and later will try and find more time to exercise. Over the course of time the benefits of weight lifting grow constantly as the exercises strengthen joints and relieve knee, shoulder and other joint pains, strains and problems.

Regular Weight Lifting Can Help Increase Bone Density

In addition to muscles and joints, there are also benefits of weight lifting for the bones. Regular weight lifting exercises make the bones stronger and denser, which keeps the the body more active and mobile. Stronger and denser bones are also better protected against future bone loss in the elderly years.

Many people are concerned about the right age to start weight lifting and include it in the regular routine. Although, experts say that there are no set rules as to when the exercises should begin, starting early will always help you to reap the benefits more easily as the body is supple and more conducive to change.

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