3 Basic Rules of Female Bodybuilding

Female bodybuilder

Female bodybuilding procedures are not very different from those used by men. Both sexes respond equally to each quantum of physical exercise they engage in. The major difference is that males have the muscle-building hormone testosterone in their body while women have the fat-storing hormone estrogen.

There are several misconceptions surrounding female bodybuilding, the chief one being that women lose their feminine figure as they build muscles. Only five percent of all women have the congenital ability to build muscles and even they are only able to do it with the help of drugs.

Setting Your Objectives As A Female Bodybuilder

Female bodybuilding involves setting objectives such as losing a certain amount of weight, adding muscles or getting stronger, and determining the number of days of intense workouts required to complete these targets.

Two sessions a week, each of 45 minutes duration would usually suffice to do the trick. A good workout plan would be to engage in dead lifts and squats on one day (4 sets of 5 reps) and then chin-ups and dips on the next day (4 sets of 5 reps). This means devoting alternate days to exercising the upper and lower halves of the body and following this routine for 6 weeks.

Female bodybuilding is a relatively slow process and it could take weeks, months or even years of training to built adequate muscles. The gains would be immensely useful as they will not only develop a perfectly toned figure, but also improve overall health and physical strength.

For Muscle Growth, There Are 3 Important Rules To Remember:

The 1st Rule of Female Bodybuilding

he first rule is to train with as much concentration as possible, increasing the weights lifted each time. Overloading muscles is the most important factor in enhancing muscle growth but proper implementation, execution and form are also critical. Some of the best exercises include the basics like dead lifts, barbell curls, squats and barbell bench presses.

The 2nd Rule of Female Bodybuilding

The second rule is to include a proper diet as 80% of muscle building is dependent on this factor. It is advisable to diet on a protein meal comprising of egg whites, chicken, lean beef, turkey, tuna and meal replacements such as Ny-Tro Pro 40. Fat such as flax seeds, flax seed oil, canola oil and CLA are also recommended in the diet.

A female bodybuilder’s diet should include just enough calories to get a positive nitrogen balance. To achieve this, women must consume at least 1g of high quality protein per pound of their total body weight.

Sufficient carbohydrates are also essential to ensure that the body metabolism diverts proteins in the diet towards building muscles instead of conversion into glucose for energy needs. Women must have small meals frequently and drink a lot of water as the latter plays an important role in the normal functioning of the body.

The 3rd Rule of Female Bodybuilding

The third rule involves taking breaks and getting enough sleep, as it allows muscles to settle properly. It is important to follow a healthy lifestyle overall as that provides an appropriate environment for the proper growth of muscles.

A female bodybuilder can go out and enjoy time with family and friends so long as she abides by her workout regimen. It is also advantageous to hang around like minded people who share the same bodybuilding goals.

Female bodybuilding is essentially about doing compound lifts with lesser repetitions and heavier weights. Enough nutrition, sleep, workouts and a healthy lifestyle will allow you to flex those muscles.

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