10 Best Sources of Protein For Muscle Building

Large salmon steak

As you go about your diet plan, one thing that you must make sure you’re getting in place is high quality protein sources.

Of all the foods that you eat in your daily menu, protein is what will come in as most important.

High quality protein sources are going to help support your lean muscle tissue, boost your metabolic rate, and keep fat burning on high at all times.

That said, let’s have a quick look at what the top protein sources are so you know which to include in your meal plan.


1: Chicken

Lean chicken breast

The first great source of protein in your diet is chicken breast. Chicken breast is low in fat, high in protein, and contains hardly any cholesterol at all. Just be sure to serve it up without the skin for best results.

2: Fish

Salmon is a great source of protein

The second terrific protein source to add into your diet is fish. Fish can either be low fat or high in omega fats, which are vital to maintaining proper health. Choose salmon, tilapia, or cod fish most often.

3: Lean Steak

Steak is classed as a great source of protein

Lean steak is a terrific source of protein in the diet because it will provide iron, which is required to maintain high energy levels. Those who don’t get enough iron in their diet are fast to fatigue during physical activity, so this could be a limiting factor in your workout performance.

4: Venison

Vension steak

Moving along, another of the protein sources that’s a must is venison. Venison is just as lean as chicken is but also supplies that good dose of iron just like lean steak does. Choose this when you need a quick change of pace.

5: Egg Whites

Egg whites without the yolk are also a great source of protein

Egg whites are yet another quality source of protein that you need in your diet. These are very low in calories at just 15 per white and will provide a fast meal on the go in the morning.

6: Greek Yogurt

Greek yoghurt

Greek yogurt is the next of the protein sources that deserves mentioning. It’s high in calcium content and much lower in fat than traditional yogurts, so great for that quick mid-afternoon snack.

7: Cottage Cheese

Bowl of cottage cheese

Another dairy product to include in your diet is cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is great because it’s a form of casein protein, which is going to digest more slowly in the body than other forms.

This means you’ll get a steady supply of amino acids to the body, making sure that you feel satisfied for the longest period of time possible.

8: Skimmed Milk

Glass of milk

Skimmed milk is yet another good protein source that you’ll want included in your diet plan. Skimmed milk is also rich in calcium, low in dietary fat, and will contain ten grams of protein per cup. Add this when you need protein fast.

9: Whey Protein Powder

Whey powder supplement

If you’re really struggling to meet your daily protein needs, whey protein powder is a perfect choice. It can be mixed into a smoothie, drunken with some water, or added into a bowl of oatmeal for a snack on the go.

10: Turkey Breast

Turkey breast meal

Finally, don’t overlook turkey breast as one of the top protein sources you should be eating. Like chicken, it’s low in fat, high in protein, and will make sure your muscles get everything that they need.

So next time you’re on a mission to promote better health and meet your daily protein needs, keep these protein sources in mind and make sure you aren’t overlooking any of them.

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