The Risks of HGH – Human Growth Hormone

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Human growth hormone, or hgh, has received a lot of press in recent years. It has been shown to help people have less body fat and stay younger, too. But, there is much that the general population doesn’t know about hgh.

What is Human Growth Hormone?

Human growth hormone is the hormone that is responsible for human growth. It is produced in the pituitary gland and is abundant in children, providing fresh skin and a high metabolism. Our bodies produce the hormone naturally, but our production of it slows once our bodies reach maturity. It is much less plentiful as we get older.

Who Uses Human Growth Hormone?

HGH is often prescribed by doctors for children who have an hgh deficiency. Doctors also use hgh to treat AIDS victims who are suffering from rapid wasting away of muscles.

Body builders and other athletes sometimes use HGH, as well, though this is not often under the direction of a doctor. Body builders and athletes use hgh to help build muscle faster and easier and reduce body fat.

Why Use Human Growth Hormone?

Bodybuilders and athletes who use hgh do so because they believe it helps with the following:

  1. Reducing Body Fat
  2. Increasing lean muscle mass quickly
  3. Increasing energy and stamina – making longer and more strenuous exercise possible.
  4. Reducing the signs of aging

The Side Effects of Using Human Growth Hormone

When hgh is administered by a doctor for medical reasons, there are usually few side effects, because the patient is closely monitored.

But, when hgh is used by athletes on their own, there can be several side effects, some of which can be serious. These include:

  1. Acromegaly – This is a medical condition that causes over growth of facial bone and connective tissue, leading to a protruding jaw and protruding bones above the eyebrow. This condition can also cause significant growth in the hands and feet and a profound increase in body hair. It can even lead to death.
  2. Enlarged Heart
  3. Low blood sugar
  4. Water retention
  5. Liver damage
  6. Thyroid damage

While there are many athletes who claim enhanced performance with the use of hgh, you can see that it is actually an extremely dangerous substance, unless administered and monitored by a doctor.

Is Human Growth Hormone Really Worth The Risk?

Many people who use hgh on their own also run the risk of getting bad supplements because of the sources from which they buy. At best, this often leads to the purchase of supplements that are completely ineffective.

At worst, the supplements can be extremely dangerous. Real hgh is very expensive, so if you find a cost effective hgh supplement, you can bet that it is something other than the real thing. Finally, many people who take hgh supplements may share needles with other users, leading to an increased risk of HIV infection.

So, if you’ve been considering using hgh as a supplement to help you build muscle or decrease body fat, you should probably think again.

When used as a supplement for trying to reverse the natural signs of getting older, it can be a very dangerous supplement that can even cause death.

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