10 Foods For Bulking Up

Bowl of oatmeal

Getting a good list of foods to bulk up straight is important if you’re going to pack on lean muscle mass quickly. Far too many people overlook some of the best foods that they should be adding to their diet plan and don’t see nearly as quick of progress as they could.

If you are able to form your diet around the following foods to bulk up, you will make record gains that you’ve never experienced before.

Let’s look at the main foods that you need to know about.

1: Almonds

Almonds are the first food to make the list of must-haves for your diet. These are high in healthy fats and calories and are easy to transport anywhere that you’re going as you move throughout the day.

2: Raw Oats

Next, raw oats are the second food that you should be considering as you move through your muscle gain diet. They’re far more calorie dense than cooked oats by cup and won’t fill you up nearly as quickly. Eat them just as you would a cold cereal.

3: Steak

Moving along, don’t forget about steak. Steak will supply more calories than chicken and will also boast a high iron content as well.

4: Salmon

Salmon is the next food that is great for building muscle due to its high omega fatty acid content. These fats are going to help to keep your brain healthy, your cholesterol down, and improve insulin sensitivity, which is key for building more lean muscle mass.

5: Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a rich source of protein that will provide your muscles what they need to recovery and promote strong muscle contractions. A true must on any muscle gain diet plan.

6: Whole Milk

A second dairy product to consider is whole milk. Whole milk will contain more saturated fat than skimmed, but some saturated fat in the diet is a good thing as it will help to keep your cholesterol levels higher. This will be important for promoting the developing of testosterone, the key muscle building hormone in the body.

Very high cholesterols are not a good thing but some cholesterol will support a healthy body.

7: Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are easy to add into your diet and will provide you with, fiber, carbs, proteins, and omega fats. They’re easily one of the most balanced foods you could be eating.

8: Bagels

For right after the workout period, the next of the foods to bulk up is the bagel. Bagels will supply a potent does of carbs that are fast acting in the body and will help to support faster recovery. Smear with jelly rather than peanut butter after your workout session.

9: Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is the next of the foods to bulk up to consider adding. While real fruit is a good option as well, it’s often too low in calories and will fill you up too quickly.

Dried fruit offers the same nutritional benefits but won’t fill up your stomach as quickly.

10: Coconut

Finally, coconut is the next choice that you should make to add to your diet. The form of fat in coconut is used immediately by the body for energy, so will support your workout sessions.

So there you have the primary foods to bulk up that you should consider adding to your diet plan. Make sure you aren’t overlooking any of them.

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